General Contractor:Giffels
Architect:Cardinal Hardy
Floor Area:29,300 ft2
Product :1/4'' thickness
Year of completion:2010


In Dorval, the floor at Espace MV needed to be levelled to install wood flooring and cabinets. Giffels called on Polimix to apply an effective self-leveling concrete base specially designed for existing indoor flooring.


A preliminary analysis allowed to determine the exact quantity of concrete to pour that would meet the client’s specifications. Milling work was first carried out on the slab to maximize the Supercap results. Once the preparatory work was done, the Supercap pump truck brought the self-leveling concrete to the site.

Polimix specialists needed four hours to carry out the work on the 29,300 ft2 surface at 1/4'' thickness.

  • Cleaned substrate
  • Installed mechanical adhesion
  • Applied prime coat
  • Installed levels of elevation
  • Poured liquid screed at 1/4”


  • Reduced costs installing cabinets due to anticipated levelling
  • Reduced laying time by 35% versus conventional delivery systems
  • Contractor could lay screed the next day
  • No preparation necessary when installing flooring

The Project in Images

Espace MV
Espace MV
Espace MV
Espace MV

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