General Contractor:SNC Lavalin
Floor Area:2 floors total of 40 000 sq. ft.
Product :½" of LATICRETE Supercap SC500
Floor Coating Applicator:Tapico
Year of completion:2014


When we were called for leveling floors, we found that the concrete slabs were cast in winter, and in extreme conditions. The result did not allow to install the flooring directly on the concrete floor. In addition, door frames were already installed inside the company system. We did a survey of the slab and found that there were very high points and very hollow points.


We did scarification in several locations to help maintain the best possible reference point 0 and to respect the requested tolerance of 3 mm to 3 m. Subsequently, we have leveled everything.


Since the installer will ask flooring vinyl only in a few months, he will have to provide a little sanding and a small smoothing for light finishing patches. This floor therefore complies with tolerance in addition to having been made in the conditions of the existing site, that is to say, door frames already installed.

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