Driven by excellence, Polimix stands out in the concrete-pumping market with its expertise, quality service and respect for commitments. Active in the industrial, institutional and commercial sectors, Polimix uses state-of-the-art technology and solid know-how for carrying out all types of concrete pours, even under difficult conditions.

Solid implementation

Economical, reliable and simple, pumping greatly facilitates the placing of concrete. This self-sufficient solution will enable you to access the most difficult areas on complex grounds. Moreover, since it is appropriate for all types of sites, it will not disrupt established procedures.

A number of factors come into play to ensure successful concrete pumping. At Polimix, preparing for pumping requires major logistics. The foreman will first determine the type of site, its specific characteristics and constraints to set up conditions for pouring and develop a prevention plan.

Pumping: Reliable, safe and economical

Given their appropriately shaped pumps, the trucks pump with boom lenght of between 28 and 41 metres  and effectively transport the fresh concrete directly to the pouring site. Our “Z” pump can be carried into buildings, which makes pouring work easier. Some pumps come equipped with a reach-limiting device for work carried out close to electrical wires and in confined spaces.

Concrete pumping, with its effectiveness, provides many advantages for both small and large work sites:

  • Provides access confined spaces
  • Consistent product
  • Easy handling
  • High-quality material