Self-Levelling Concrete

The innovative formula for the Supercap pumpable self-levelling concrete is exclusively available in Quebec from Polimix. This GREENGUARD-certified revolutionary system offers benefits throughout the entire project, from design to completion, substantially contributing to substantial savings in time and money.

State-of-the-Art Floor Levelling

Supercap’s benefits and applications are multifold, while setting new quality standards. This advanced highly efficient cement-based technology is specially designed for new and existing concrete finishes. Mixed right on the work site in the computer-controlled Supercap mobile mixing unit, the self-levelling formula is freshly prepared on the application site.

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  • Mixed on site in a computer-controlled mobile unit
  • Can be applied in quantities up to 45,000 ft2 per day within ¼" thickness up to 50 floors high
  • Can be applied in quantities up to30,000 lbs. of self-leveling concrete per hour
  • Avoids having to transport unmixed materials in the building
  • Allows high precision floor measurement
  • Compression-proof (ASTM C 1708), cures in 28 days: 4200 PSI (28.9 MPA)
  • High bond strength and tensile strength (ASTM C 1583): 300psi (2.1 MPA)
  • High bending strength (ASTM C 1708), cures in 28 days: 900psi (6.2 MPA)
  • Can accommodate all types of floor covering 24 hours after pouring
  • Can be walked upon after two to four hours/work shift as of the next day/vehicles with wheels after 72 hours
  • Protects adhesives from alkali attacks, decomposition and secondary VOC emissions
  • Allows quick installation of floor coverings
  • Stable during water damage, without deterioration, warping, folding or alteration of shape even when wet or exposed to high humidity
  • Does not contribute to the growth of mould or mildew with its inorganic formulation

Contributes to LEED points and is GREENGUARD-certifiedThe work method preferred by Polimix professionals is focused on service and exceptional results. Each covering operation complies with the standards of excellence on the market so that we can deliver you a floor that meets your expectations.


Preparing the Floor

Preparing the Floor

An often neglected, but essential step for optimal results, preparing the floor is conscientiously carried out by Polimix professionals. Thus, anything that could be an impediment, such as old glue, old crumbling self-levelling material, and epoxy are removed. Holes and cracks are repaired.
Surveying and Gradation of the Floor

Surveying and Gradation of the Floor

Polimix surveys the floors to develop a 3D colour plan of the concrete slab to allow partial or complete leveling according to client needs. Floor graders are uses as guides right before application.
Application of Primer

Application of Primer

Supercap’s Primer Plus is a superior water-based primer containing acrylic polymers and specific surface activation agents that deeply penetrate the substrate and maximize the binding strength.
Self-Levelling Application

Self-Levelling Application

The most advanced self-levelling subcoat on the market, Laticrete Supercap SC500 can be applied on concrete. When used with a wire grid, it can also be applied on plywood and other types of floor covering. Your floor covering can then be directly installed on Laticrete Supercap SC500.
After-Sales Follow-Up

After-Sales Follow-Up

Sometimes done along with a post-survey, stringent after-sales follow-up ensures optimal results.

Epoxy Water Vapour Control Coating

Water infiltrations can adversely affect the life of a concrete slab. The coating is made with two parts epoxy, and 100% solid materials. Specially designed to control the level of water vapour emissions from new and existing concrete slabs, it will protect the Supercap self-leveling undercoat so that any type of floor covering can be installed.

Technical Information on Laticrete Supercap Products

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