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Nivellement de plancher


The engineering formula of self-leveling concrete Supercap is exclusively available in Quebec by Polimix.Learn more
Préparation et réparation de dalles de béton

Preparingand Repairing Concrete Slabs

With an expertise constantly strengthened by advanced technology, offers a wide Polimix évantail concrete slab repair solutions.Learn more
Mise en place et finition de béton


Led by high quality requirements, Polimix realizes small and large scale projects.Learn more
Pompage de béton


Motivated by excellence, Polimix stands out in the concrete pumping market for its expertise, quality of service and compliance with its commitments.Learn more


A State-of-the-Art Self-Levelling Solution

The only company to offer an exclusive and superior Supercap self-leveling concrete formula in Quebec, Polimix is a leader in the concrete surfaces field. This innovative high-quality method ensures levelling of new and existing concrete slabs in record time while substantially reducing project costs.

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