With its expertise ever enhanced by the latest technology, Polimix offers a wide range of solutions for repairing concrete slabs. Regardless of the actual state of your concrete slabs, Polimix’s proven processes will provide unparalleled resistance for your commercial, industrial or institutional floor.

Preparing concrete floors

A required part of repairing a damaged slab is preparing the concrete in order to prepare and clean the floor so that it has the appropriate CSP (Concrete Surface Profile) profile. Polimix uses state-of-the-art processes to ensure maximum adhesion of the self-leveling product or flooring.

Polimix’s preparation work meets the highest CSST requirements in effect regarding dust. Equipment connected to HEPA filter vacuums mean a major reduction in dust, leaving the work area clean.

Meulage de béton

Grinding concrete

Grinding uses diamond grinding machines to clean the floor. This solution is used in particular to remove glue, paint or other residue, resulting in a floor with a CSP 1 profile.
Scarification de béton

Scarification of concrete

This process can substantially lower the height of the floor by reducing concrete thickness by between 1/8" and 2" depending on requirements. It can result in a profile of CSP 3 to 5. This method is effective for removing a fragile layer of concrete, thick layers of epoxy, and fixing uneven surfaces and other imperfections.
Réaparation de planchers de béton

Repairing concrete floors (screeding)

Polimix has gained immense expertise in repairing concrete floors that have been damaged. Regardless of the condition of your slab or the size of the cracks or irregularities, Polimix has all the technology and expertise that you need.
Colmatage de fissures

Filling in cracks in concrete slabs

Grouting opens cracks and fills them with the appropriate product based on your needs.
Glaisage des planchers

Glazing floors

This type of repair is done by hand. It is used to repair imperfections on a slab and/or to facilitate laying flooring by improving the receiving surface.
Remplissage de tranchées

Filling in depressions

This process fills in the depressions in the floor to even out the slab surface.